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231 Beverly Circle
Jackson, Mississippi 39209

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Bidding Information

This property is available exclusively through BidNow!  All bids will be considered in the order that they are received and may be approved at any time.  Upon approval of a bid, the property will be considered ‘SOLD’ and no other bids will be considered.  Often bids are approved well before the final day.  Submit your ‘highest and best’ bid quickly, but no later than July 9 at 11:30 PM Central Time.

License Information

Hudson & Marshall: 1507 F; 21813
Louis Scott Barnes: Auctioneer 1506; Broker 21812
Last Chance to Bid!  The seller for this property has elected to give bidders one final time to buy it during this auction period.  “When it’s gone, it’s gone”, as they say.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get the house you want at the price you set.  Submit your highest and best offer today!

Property Information

Property #113
231 Beverly Circle
Jackson, Mississippi 39209
County: Hinds
Property Type: Unimproved Land
Occupancy Status: Vacant
Acreage: 0.21 +/-
Buyer's Premium: 5 % or $1,500, whichever is greater

Agent Information

Name: Tressie Buckhaulter
Phone: 601.946.5591
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Property Description

Hinds County School District