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710 ELM ST
ROCKPORT, Indiana 47635


Auction Information: Trustee/Foreclosure Midwest Auction
Method: TPS

Sale Location:Spencer County Sheriff's Department Lobby, 120 North Second Street Sale Time:10:00 am Sale Status:ACTIVE

Opening Bid: Pending
Contact for Homeowners:Manley, Deas & Kochalski LLC (614) 220-5611
Sale Date: 9/20/2016

Property Information

710 ELM ST
ROCKPORT, Indiana 47635
County: Spencer
Occupancy Status: Vacant
Hudson & Marshall IS NOT CONDUCTING THE FORECLOSURE SALE FOR THIS PROPERTY This property is included in a foreclosure sale and is subject to applicable Terms and Conditions. Hudson & Marshall is providing a marketing services for this property only. The information contained herein is for marketing purposes only and should not under any circumstance be relied upon as a legal advertisement or publication. Hudson & Marshall is not the auctioneer for this property. The Hudson & Marshall representatives will not take on or assist with the legal representative?s foreclosure duties (i.e., Crying the sale, handling the funds, preparing receipts, etc.)
Contact for Bidders:Manley, Deas & Kochalski LLC (614) 220-5611