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5140 High Point Rd #17
Union City, Georgia 30291


Pre-Auction Bidding
Method: Bid Now!
Pre-Auction Bidding ends October 17 at 11:30 PM Central Time

Auction Information: Southern Area
Bidding Begins: October 24 at 9:00 AM Central Time

Southern Area Terms & Conditions

bid now icon small This property is available for BidNow! Pre-Auction bidding.  Bids will be considered in the order that they are received and may be approved at any time.  Upon approval of a bid, the property will be considered ‘SOLD’, removed from the upcoming auction, and no other bids will be considered. 
Hudson & Marshall, AU-C000274
B. G. Hudson, Jr., Broker 262835
Hudson & Marshall, H1779
B. G. Hudson, Jr., AU000103
Bid Now!  This property is currently available for pre-auction bidding.  The seller will entertain offers submitted before the end of the pre-auction period ahead of the auction event.  Beat the competition by submitting your highest and best offer today!

Property Information

5140 High Point Rd #17
Union City, Georgia 30291
Property Type: Townhouse
Occupancy Status: Vacant
Bed: 3
Bath: 2.5
Sq Ft: 1,524
Year Built: 1973
Buyer's Premium: 5 %

Property Contact

Hudson Cargill, hcargill@invitationhomes.com, 904-652-3843