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Property Data Terms of Use

Each bidder is responsible for performing due diligence on each property that he or she expects to bid on, including, but not limited to, personal on-site inspection of each such property prior to the auction.

The information provided to prospective bidders has not been independently verified by Hudson & Marshall nor the Seller Group (as defined in the Auction Terms & Conditions), and the accuracy of any and all such information is not warranted in any way, including, but not limited to, information on any property concerning utilities, leases, zoning, acreage of parcels, square footage of improvements, or any photographs thereof.

Each prospective bidder acknowledges and agrees that (i) it is not relying on any information that has been or may be provided to it by Hudson & Marshall or the Seller Group in deciding whether or not to bid on a property, and (ii) it has conducted its own due diligence investigation of each property on which it decides to bid, prior to the auction. There is no obligation on the part of Hudson & Marshall or the Seller Group to update any such information should it change.  All announcements made at the auction by the auctioneer, any other member of Hudson & Marshall, or the Seller Group take precedence over any and all advertising or other information provided regarding any property.