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Pre-Market Bank-Owned Properties
Immediate Income Potential!

Like foreclosed properties, occupied properties are bank-owned but unlike completed foreclosures, occupied properties are not vacant when they’re offered for sale. They have individuals residing (or businesses conducting business) in them. The occupants may be the previous mortgagor or a tenant with a valid lease agreement.

These properties represent an excellent opportunity for you to purchase a property before it hits the market and with the potential to earn income from a current tenant.

Occupied properties are easy to spot on this website, thanks to an “Occupied” banner over the photo of each property.

View Occupied Properties

Do Your Homework

With occupied properties, prospective buyers cannot contact the current occupants; however you may consult the agent listed for property information. As with any property you purchase, ultimately you must rely on your own due diligence (to include title, tax and lien examinations and public records reviews, etc.) prior to bidding on an occupied property. Unless otherwise stated, any liens, back taxes, encumbrances and the like will become the responsibility of the owner. Upon closing, the new owner will be responsible for managing the current occupant.



hm occupied properties

The ‘Occupied’ Banner indicates that the property is occupied, and that the occupants are not to be disturbed. There will be no open houses held for the property.


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