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Selling via H&M Online January 16 - 18

Pre-Auction Bidding ends January 9!

AUCTION TERMS   Bidding Information
  • BidNow! Pre-Auction bidding ends January 9 at 11:30 PM Central Time
  • Buyer Premium 5% $2000 minimum
  • Pre-qualification letter or proof of funds (on bank or lender letterhead) to include:
    » Your name
    » Loan amount
    » Type of financing (conventional, FHA, etc.)
    » Verification of income
    » Verification of credit check
  • Buyer Select Program – Must have this information available prior to auction.
  • Brokers Protected Up to 2.5% to Selling Agent ( $1000 minimum). Selling Agent must be NAID qualified and assist in completion of the purchase contract.


  Bidder Note: H&M Online Auction begins on January 16, and properties start closing on January 18 at 3 PM Central Time in five minute increments. This window will extend on individual properties for two (2) minutes, as long as there is active bidding. Bidders who cannot be available at that time can set a maximum bid on their property of interest. The system will bid on your behalf as much as necessary to maintain your position as high bidder, up to your maximum bid amount. Must have a MyH&M account to bid. Internet connection required.
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