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Find a foreclosure property sale in your area of interest. Tap into our nationwide network of foreclosure auction homes for sale. Search by property address, state, city, county or zip code and find your next home! We offer real-time updates throughout the life cycle of a property, as well as options to download thousands of properties based on your preferred search criteria. Search all our foreclosure inventory with just a few clicks. You can use this main menu to search, too. The search box above is already filtered to return only foreclosures and pre-foreclosure homes. Found a property of interest from your search? Use our “Favorites” feature by clicking on the star at the top left of the image of the property. It’s a great way to keep track of your properties of interest. View them all from one place! To get started, be sure to create an account (if you haven’t already) by clicking “Join H&M” on the top menu of the page.

Foreclosure Resources
Need more information about foreclosed real estate auctions? Increase your knowledge of the mortgage and foreclosure process with our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions and Foreclosure Guide. We get it, real estate can be complicated and foreclosures even more so. That’s why we are here! Hudson & Marshall is your housing resource with a current and knowledgeable info center to make your foreclosure search a breeze. We have over 50 years of foreclosure real estate experience. Many of our recently foreclosed assets are heavily discounted. Search for your next property by address, state, city, county or zip code, or use the main menu, above, to guide your way through the explanation of the Foreclosure process. We're here for you, and we want to ensure that you have a successful real estate experience. Learn more about foreclosures by clicking the ‘Learn More’ button, below!

Foreclosures Resources
Foreclosures At-A-Glance
Visit our At-A-Glance page to view a helpful guide of the Foreclosure / Trustee sale process from start to finish. The tutorial illustrates the process in simple and easy to follow screenshots. Search by property address, state, city, county or zip code. Find all the current and accurate information you need to make an informed buying decision. Search thousands of foreclosures from one place. Our At-A-Glance section breaks down how to get to this Foreclosures page and also how to access all our foreclosure and pre-foreclosure inventory. The “Download” feature allows you to easily browse through an excel sheet of assets and filter to your liking. You can also “Favorite” assets by clicking on the star on the top right of the image from the Search Results Page. Using the “Favorite” icon allows you to monitor and bid on all your favorite assets from one page. At-A-Glance also gives you some tips on how to register for a Trustee auction that may not be available online.

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